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About Sons of Engineers
The Sons Of Engineers (SOE) started as a project in the late 1980s, at that time a refuge enabling the band members of the Swedish synth-band Samedi to elaborate outside the trademark of the original band. The project was active during only a few years but, unlike Samedi, it was never closed, rather put on hold until further notice.

Almost two decades later, based on a vision of global recognition within the community that cherishes 80s pop, the SOE project was steamed up again. The mission was crystal clear: to honour, protect and re-produce classical 80s synth and pop music. This is achieved by 1) careful reverse engineering of selected songs, 2) re-generation by use of state-of-the-art tools and instruments, 3) agile vocal arrangements, 4) live performances and 5) ‘studio-live’ recordings made available on this website.

SOE selects its live concerts with care; there are typically one or two performances each year.  With this approach, the vision may seem hard to reach. However, we are confident that the power in the music itself and the passion we share will inevitably take us there.
The SOE matrix
Resource Operational task(s) Strategic task(s)
Jan Palmér Keyboarding, computing and supporting oral streams Musical Engineering
Mats Kjellberg Main oral streams and physical movement Market positioning
Per Norin Keyboarding, other instrumental tasks and supporting oral streams Musical R&D
Hans Kjellberg Keyboarding, other instrumental tasks and supporting oral streams Market analysing